As freelancers, we are told that organisation is everything. And it’s true. Being organised makes being productive easier and it helps us to get more done.

But staying organised isn’t easy when you take on lots of gigs and write at scale. You probably know this all too well. How many times have you struggled with your workload this month? How many late nights have you had?

Another problem freelancers face is managing a team of writers. This happens when freelancers use outsourcing partners. This is a great way to scale a freelance business but managing a team of writers takes A LOT of time.

As a freelancer, wouldn’t it be great if you had your own online platform that you could use to manage ALL your writing projects and ALL your writers?

Introducing Write Manage – the essential writing tool for freelancers.

Why Write Manage?

Write Manage is a low-cost online tool that you can use to manage your own writing projects and scale up production with a team of writers. You can also use it as an ordering system by letting your clients submit orders.

Write Manage solves two challenges that freelancers face:

  1. Managing writing projects
  2. Managing a team of writers
  3. Simplifying the ordering process

Problem #1 – Managing writing projects   

Freelancing is easy when you have only one or two projects a day. You can space these out and deliver a high-quality product every time.

But we all know these days are rare. And they only get rarer when you become more established and reputable.

It is not uncommon for freelancers to juggle 4-5 writing tasks per day, 5 days a week. When late nights become ‘a thing’ and weekends get eaten up you know something has to change – thankfully, Write Manage offers a solution.

The Write Manage Solution

You can use Write Manage as a simple project management tool. Upload your writing gigs to the tool and use it as a project calendar. Assign important dates and update statuses when you get stuff done. Upload briefs and add notes.

By putting all your projects in one place, you get a clear picture of your workflow. You can add estimated production time to further refine your output. You can also ask clients to add projects and assign projects to other writers (see below).

If your current solution is a to-do list app or (god forbid) a spreadsheet to manage projects, you will find Write Manage a much better solution.

Problem #2 – Managing a team of writers

Outsourcing to writers you trust to produce high-quality content is an excellent way to scale your freelance business. However, the success of this venture depends on how you go about managing your writers. Let us explain.

Unless you use a freelance platform like People Per Hour (which eats into your pay because they take a commission – yuck!) you will manage your team via email. This is inefficient and it runs the risk of slow response and missed opportunities.

So, you use Asana instead. But some of your writers use Slack. Others use Trello. You then end up using 3-4 different collaboration platforms. You spend so much time communicating that you lose track of your projects. This affects your income.

The Write Manage solution

Write Manage is a single, centralised platform for managing your team of writers. You create projects in Write Manage and assign these to team members. Team members then accept the gig, or you assign them to someone else.

Writers are automatically alerted to new projects via email. This happens in real-time. There is no need for a chat outside of Write Manage.

This is different to Asana and Slack because it contains only your writing team. There’s no clutter. Everyone is on the platform for the same thing. The interface is designed for writing tasks. There are no distractions. It’s 100% productive.

Problem #3 – Simplifying the ordering process

Another challenge freelancers face is how to take on orders outside of freelance platforms without losing out on work and complicating ordering.

Freelance platforms take a big commission, so it makes sense to move away from them whenever possible. Email is the first solution that springs to mind for orders, but this isn’t by any means a real-time solution. It’s also a bit old fashioned.

The Write Manage solution

Write Manage is at its most powerful when it is used as a client ordering tool. All you need to do is add your client as a user on Write Manage. They can then create tasks for you. You will be notified via email automatically when orders come in.

By allowing your client to create orders for you, you reduce communication and friction, which saves you time and improves customer relations.

It also pre-qualifies work because your customer has submitted an order, not a quote request. Once you get an order, you can update the client immediately, add an ETA, and submit an invoice within the Write Manage dashboard.

Your customer will appreciate being able to order content quickly, and you will save time and money managing your projects. A win-win for everyone.