Hire Freelance Writers Today!

Hiring freelance writers is the easiest way to scale your content studio and build an efficient content marketing machine. You can use trusted freelancers to assure content quality and produce enough high-quality content for your business.

The Importance of Hiring Freelance Writers for Your Website

The biggest challenge most businesses face with content marketing is producing enough content. The second biggest challenge is assuring content quality.

These challenges are borne from the fact that most businesses do not have the internal resources to create content. This often leads to stretched resources, like workers being assigned to content creation when they have other things to do.

If you want to produce enough content and assure content quality, freelance writers will definitely help you do it. Freelance writers are a great addition to your business because they are affordable, self-employed and infinitely available.

Why Hire a Freelance Writer?

Professional freelance writers are capable of producing content in any format, to any specification, to your brand guidelines.

Some businesses don’t create any content in-house and outsource everything to freelancers they trust. Other businesses use freelancers to enhance their in-house team.

The main concern businesses have with freelance writers is that they won’t be able to create content to company standards. This is plain wrong. Professional freelance writers will be able to produce your company’s very best content.

Having a good freelancer to fall back on is always a good thing to have. Whenever you need to produce content and you don’t have the time to do it, just outsource it. So long as you trust the writer, the process will be completely seamless.

The Benefits of Hiring a Freelance Writer

There are 5 benefits to hiring a freelance writer:

  • Assure content quality
  • Scale up your content studio
  • Save money versus internal hiring
  • Free up resources within your business
  • Produce enough content for your business

By hiring a freelance writer, you will get high-quality content that’s on budget.

You will free up internal resources and not have to worry about producing anything in-house. Or you can expand your in-house team’s capabilities.

Another benefit to hiring freelancers is payment. You can pay freelancers for individual projects, or pay them a retainer, so your business has access to a content writing service on-the-go. Most freelancers offer a discount for retainer services.

The Unspoken Benefit of Freelance Writers

The big unspoken benefit of hiring freelance writers is the freelancer’s experience and knowledge across content creation, content marketing and other marketing activities like search engine optimisation and social media.

It’s important to recognise the unique experience of freelance writers: the experience of a writer, of an outsourcing partner, and the experience of a businessowner. These three professional experiences create a deep level of knowledge that your business can tap into to create marketing strategies that achieve business goals.

If your business lacks expertise, an experienced freelance writer will provide significant added value in several areas, including:

  • Keyword research
  • SEO content
  • Content strategy
  • Content planning
  • Tools and resources
  • Analytics
  • Email marketing
  • Social media updates

Not all freelancers have expertise in these areas, but most experienced ones do, and especially those that have successfully grown their own business. Look out for these writers to add knowledge and experience to your activities.

Building Your Freelance Writing Team on Write Manage

One of the big concerns businesses have with hiring freelance writers is how to manage everyone. Should you use email? Should you ask writers to use Asana or some other project management tool? How will you manage orders?

Write Manage was created to make managing your team of freelance writers easy. Simply create an account, add your writers as users, create writing tasks, and assign those tasks to your writers. Your writers will then get notifications.

You can create order requests with a brief within Write Manage, allocate budgets and attach files and documents. Writers can upload completed work for review. This creates a productive work cycle that works for everyone.

Write Manage solves three outsourcing challenges businesses face:

  • Managing writing projects
  • Managing a team of writers
  • Simplifying the ordering process

Write Manage is used by businesses small and large to manage freelance writing teams and content orders. It’s purpose-built for this task. Your freelancers will also appreciate working on a content platform that makes their lives easier.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hiring Writers

Why should I hire a freelance writer?

Freelance writers are experienced professionals who offer a high-quality content writing service. If you have content requirements but no time or internal resources to fulfil them, a freelancer will pick up the slack. Freelance writers help you produce enough content with a high-quality, available and reliable content writing service.

You should hire a freelance writer if you need help with your content requirements. There’s no harm in outsourcing if it makes your life easier.

How much does a freelance writer cost?

Freelance writers charge either an hourly rate, day rate or per word rate. Hourly rates and day rates are becoming more common because they reflect the time it takes to create content, so in theory, they earn the freelancer more. Per word rates are easier to budget for because you have a fixed price per article and project.

Freelancers charge more when they are more experienced. It’s also common to charge more for technical and specialised industries. £40 to £50 per 500-word article is considered a fair price for an experienced, talented freelance writer.

How do I hire a freelance writer?

Popular ways to hire a freelance writer include via Write Manage, via a freelance platform, and direct through the freelancer on their website or LinkedIn.

Of these, freelance platforms are the most expensive option. They offer lots of freelancer choice, but they charge a commission to the writer. This can force writers to increase their prices. You can often get a better rate on Write Manage or direct.

With Write Manage, just sign up for an account and invite your freelancers to the platform.

How do you find freelance writers?

Freelance writers can be found on the following platforms:

  • Write Manage
  • LinkedIn
  • Upwork
  • Freelancer
  • PeoplePerHour

There’s also a cheap freelance platform called Fiverr, but we recommend avoiding this platform like the plague unless you want cheap content no one will read. Quality is everything when it comes to successful content marketing.

When looking for freelance writers, reviews are important, but samples are just as important. Ideally, the freelancer will offer a trial. If you can get a trial piece at a discount, this will de-risk your vetting process and provide quality assurance.

What do I look for in a freelance writer?

Look for the following five things in a freelance writer:

  • Passion: The freelancer has to be interested in your industry or the content topic. If they aren’t passionate, this will come across in the quality of the content, particularly in terms of how it flows and resonates with your audience.
  • Expertise: The freelancer needs to understand your industry or the content topic. If they don’t have expertise or knowledge, this will come across in the authenticity of the content and you will likely be disappointed.
  • Research skills: Freelancers spend 40% of writing time researching. Research skills are essential and can balance out a lack of expertise. Make sure your freelancer is comfortable researching and has the time to do it.
  • Reputation: Does the freelance writer have plenty of good reviews? Are the reviews legitimate? Can they provide references? Can they provide examples? Only work with freelancers who you are sure offer a high-quality service.
  • SEO knowledge: In the case of web pages, articles and blog posts, SEO will form a fundamental part of your content. Your freelancer needs to know how to write SEO content to ensure correct keyword density and optimisation.