A content management system (CMS) manages the creation and modification of digital content. It typically supports multiple users in a collaborative environment. The program allows anyone, even those without formal technical expertise, to create, edit, manage and publish digital multimedia content in various formats on one platform - ideal for an editor managing a large team of remote writers.

CMS users are able to upload a range of document types and content to the website, and then modify and expand the information without the need for a web programmer to set up the site and carry out updates. Since CMS makes use of templates, little or no knowledge of HTML is required.

One of the most important ingredients for a website’s success is creating a brand that users remember, revisit and mention to their friends. Nothing beats word-of-mouth recommendation. The best CMS websites combine user-friendliness with fast deployment, ease of maintenance, including updates, and cost-efficiency.

Which is why we would like to introduce you to the latest in CMS programs, Write Manage. Ours is a user-friendly program that enables any approved team member to upload content, regardless of experience, and carry out updates, deletions and amendments, making content searchable, retrievable and reusable.

Our system offers simplicity, flexibility, scalability and a cost-effective solution - for individuals as well as SMEs. Write Manage allows you to upload content quickly and easily that will attract more traffic and revenue to your site.

  • Manage titles by listing the topics for articles you’d like written and make them available to one or several of your writers. Keep track of clients, contacts and potential clients.
  • Manage writers with fully automated email messages from you to them at each stage of the article - no need to write time-consuming emails or engage in lengthy screen chats. Distance no object! No matter where in the world your writers are located, you’ll always be able to communicate with them quickly and easily.
  • Manage projects by allocating your article titles and writers to specific projects. Our project feature enables you to find and manage all your various writing projects at the click of a button.

Write Manage was created for us by a YouTuber who needed to find a way to manage his growing team of script writers and save time and effort by minimising the use of a wide range of applications and methods of communication.

Don’t lose track of your writers! Write Manage was built to provide a quick and easy solution to the problem of managing a diverse group of writers.

Our CMS enables you to control, manage and structure content in real-time. No need to wait for web administrators or programmers to make changes – content is always fresh and up-to-date.

Use Write Manage for data automation, work-flow and process management and to improve communication by providing a collaborative environment for sharing content. Our site integrates your data quickly and easily through dynamic web content extracted from databases that can be maintained easily by authorised users rather than coded into web pages.

  • A purpose-built tool with one aim - to manage articles in progress from various sources simply and easily.
  • Versatile - our program enables you to assign articles to your writers quickly and easily and allows your writers to suggest titles to you and choose what they want to write. And you can place a cost against each title to keep tabs on expenditure.
  • Simple, easy to use and convenient - the dashboard lets you see a summary of all articles and writers and the status of each. You can look forward to the day when you will no longer have to reply to emails and search through files to download Word documents. It will all be online!
  • Affordable - start straightaway with our free package and subscribe to our professional package as you take on more writers.
  • Efficient - content can be published easily and efficiently as editing and revisions do not require visual design or coding knowledge, which allows for fast and efficient updates, saving your business time and money.
  • Improve your SEO ranking - to maintain or improve your SEO ranking, your business must remain relevant and a quality user-friendly CMS will help your writers keep the content fresh. This in turn will attract external contributions: comments, forum, likes…

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